This Heartwarming PSA Reminds Us That Boys Can Be Wonder Woman and Girls Can Be Batman

This Heartwarming PSA Reminds Us That Boys Can Be Wonder Woman and Girls Can Be Batman

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A production company just released an adorable Halloween PSA, titled “My Heroes,” showing a family where the kids flip gender roles for the fun dress-up holiday.

The clip begins with a family carving pumpkins around the kitchen table. One child carves the Wonder Woman logo, and the other carves the Batman one. All we see are their hands putting away the pumpkins on the kitchen counter, displayed proudly for all to see. But their dad seems concerned.

Next, we see the kids dressed in their costumes, trick-or-treating at a neighbor’s house who thanks them for “Keeping the streets safe.” Soon, the child in the Batman costume lies on the floor in a candy coma, while the Dad hangs up Wonder Woman’s tiara on the bedpost of the other child.

Next comes the big reveal — something obvious at this point. For the first time, we see that it’s the boy dressed in the Wonder Woman costume and the girl in the Batman costume. The dad lovingly puts his son to bed, reminding us all that kids should be able to be whoever they want to be at Halloween.

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The YouTube description for the clip reads: “This 2-minute digital PSA was written by Alexander Day and Brian Carufe, and produced by the team at Landwirth Legacy Productions, as means to challenge gender stereotypes when it comes to children’s Halloween costumes.”

But of course, the video’s comments section is full of ignorant and homophobic comments blasting the creators for creating such “propaganda.”

One commenter writes: “You can brainwash your kids into wearing what you want, just don’t go around crying about how evil boys bully him afterwords.”

Another adds, “Oh look more propaganda for degeneracy and destruction of society,” as well as, “This is 100% on some pedo-faggot shit.”

We love this video. Even if it touches the life of one child or one parent out there struggling with being different, then it has made an important difference.

Also, the dad is pretty damn hot, too.

Watch the Halloween PSA “My Heroes” here:

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