The Hottest New Place to Watch Your Favorite Film or Broadway Musical Is … PornHub?

The Hottest New Place to Watch Your Favorite Film or Broadway Musical Is … PornHub?

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If you’re one of those people who still hasn’t seen Hamilton, the universally lauded Broadway production by Lin-Manuel Miranda, perhaps because you couldn’t afford a ticket, it looks like you’re in luck. Over the holidays, porn-hungry web-surfers discovered that an anonymous user had uploaded the entire first act of Hamilton to PornHub.

Yeah, PornHub. As in the free porn tube site PornHub.

And believe it or not, we have The Big Sick writer and star Kumail Nanjiani to thank for this marvelous (but bad because it’s illegal) news. On Christmas Eve, Nanjiani tweeted out that his film appears — in full — on PornHub.

“It’s under ‘interracial,’” he told his Twitter followers. “This is not a joke.”

That then spawned a sea of people to sift through PornHub to uncover what other films might have been uploaded to the tube site. The answer: the Star Wars films, Logan and Boss Baby, among many others.

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Yep. So PornHub — which is naturally more accustomed to hosting illegally uploaded clips of threeways, DP scenes and all your favorite #GayPornSoWhite scenes — is also a great place to find pirated Hollywood projects.

It turns out that first act of Hamilton, apparently shot from a balcony seat, was uploaded nine months ago (and multiple times), presumably unbeknownst to the powers that be at PornHub (who of course don’t condone the uploading of copyrighted footage). Best of all, the Hamilton on PornHub clip features the musical’s original cast (including Miranda), which means it was shot back when some Hamilton tickets were going for as much as $20K.

Even better than best of all, the Hamilton on PornHub clips are titled “Revolutionary Boys Have Historical Fun” and “Revolutionary Boys Get Dirty on American Politics.”

What do you think? Would you watch Hamilton on PornHub?

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