Hamlet The Piggy Will Make All Your Unicorn Dreams Come True

Hamlet The Piggy Will Make All Your Unicorn Dreams Come True

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Amina Mucciolo (aka the Tassel Fairy) recently posted pictures of a piggy named Hamlet dressed as a unicorn, sprinkled in fairy dust, and just generally being adorable. Elle Lauren Photography took the photos, and loving all things unicorn, we decided to share them — they’ll make you wish you had a unicorn piglet of your own to dote on and whisper all your secret dreams to… f’real.

Mucciolo also runs Studio Mucci, a design firm of “dream-like whimsey” that makes unicorn-shaped foil balloons, rainbow-diamond piñatas, and t-shirts that say “Just Be Your Fucking Self!” Right on, Tassel Fairy! Plus, her blog has even more pics of Hamlet prancing about for your unicorn-loving pleasure.

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