unicorn booty i'm from driftwood, gay bbq

Hang With Unicorn Booty at the I’m From Driftwood Rooftop BBQ Saturday

unicorn booty i'm from driftwood, nyc bbq
"If you're for real and not pretend, then I guess you can haaaang with me."

Sweet Nicky V and KevyKev from Unicorn Booty will be hanging with Nathan, Marquise and the rest of the I’m From Driftwood crew this Saturday, 7/9, in Manhattan. Oh, and YOU! Right?

$50 will get you in, access to an open bar and bbq fixin’s, and a donation to an exceptional non-profit dedicated to telling the stories of the LGBT community across the nation.

We hope you’ll drop by  and say hi. I’ll be the devilishly handsome bloke with the mop of out-of-control blond hair. Damn this NYC humidity…