Louvre-ishly Painted Canvases Depict Depravity of Sexual Awakening (NSFW)

Louvre-ishly Painted Canvases Depict Depravity of Sexual Awakening (NSFW)

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Teens are often rude: to their parents, their frenemies, and most especially their lovers. How many girls have gifted their first blowjob, only to have the boy slice her open with a cruel group message slut-shaming her after the fact? How many times has a jilted girl ever shown lots of people personal love letters and pictures meant only for her? Laura Krifka’s paintings depicting the cruelty of sexual awakening are on view at CB1 Gallery in Los Angeles this week.

A smirking boy plucks a berry from the basket of a naked girl, bleeding from a slit neck. Young harlots, ravenous with sexual desire look like they will bing and purge every apple from the Tree of Knowledge, while an innocent, limp-dicked boy hangs onto a branch for dear life.

The gorgeous, Louve-ishly painted canvases are expressions depravity, unkindness, stalking and Voyeurism; all the ingredients of a good thriller, and an exhibition worth attending.





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