Harry Potter Handles His Wand In Magically Sexy Bedroom Shoot

Harry Potter Handles His Wand In Magically Sexy Bedroom Shoot

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Why bother tracking down Harry Potter fan-fiction where he undresses and handles his wand (remember, it’s 11-inches long, made of holly, and possessed a phoenix feather core — HAWT!)? Instead, just enjoy Oklahoma City-based photographer Sarah Hester’s sexy pictures of the boy man who lived (aka model model Zach Howell).

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Hester’s pics add a sexy adult sheen to JK Rowling’s protagonist while keeping all the adorkable glasses, scar and Marauder’s Map that fans have come to expect from the hero of Hogwarts. And if these have cast a spell on you, check out the rest of the shots at Hester’s blog.

Oh, and if you’re feeling cheeky, check out these 25 passages from Harry Potter where someone replaced the word “wand” with “penis” — we solemnly swear that it is up to no good.

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