Harvard-Yale Football Game Delayed By A**holes — Literally (Pics)

Harvard-Yale Football Game Delayed By A**holes — Literally (Pics)

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It’s the great rivalry of the Ivy League, Harvard versus Yale, and their recent football pairing proved that the rivalry is very much still in tact.

“The Game,” as it’s called, was briefly delayed last Friday due to male Yale students partaking in a 40-year-old tradition known as “The Saybrook Strip,” which calls for them to drop trou. According to reports, about a dozen naked and nearly naked co-eds stood atop a wall in Harvard Stadium, flashing the stands, which delayed the match until police kicked out the pranksters.

Some witnesses have reported that the police actually “tackled” the butt-naked Yale students. (Footage, please!)

According to the tradition, which began when a Yale student famously mooned Harvard, students—both male and female—strip down to their skivvies (or further) during the football game’s third quarter, and oftentimes the striptease takes place to the marching band’s cover of “Sweet Child O’ Mine.” Friday’s game was the two schools’ 133rd annual match.

From the Yale Daily News in 2002:

Neither rain, nor snow, nor the harsh New England weather can prevent another nude Yale tradition. For decades, the Saybrook Strip has entertained and shocked fans of Ivy League football. It began in the 1970s, when a single Saybrook student mooned the opposing fans at the Harvard-Yale game. The next year, some of his friends joined him. In the decades since these intrepid acts of anti-Harvard (or anti-clothing) rebellion, the Saybrook Strip has become a fixture at every Yale football game.

Oh, and in case you were wondering about the big game, Yale beat Harvard 21-14, breaking a nine-year losing streak. Maybe all those butts and penises were good luck.

(Photo via @suga_maddi on Twitter)

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