Hate Crime Charges For McDonald’s Transgender Beaters

Hate Crime Charges For McDonald’s Transgender Beaters

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While you might not know her name, surely you remember Teonna Brown from the horrific beating of transgender customer Chrissy Polis in a Baltimore McDonald’s last month. 18-year-old Brown and a 14-year-old accomplice kicked, punched, and dragged Polis by her hair across the restaurant floor until she began to seize. McDonald’s employee Vernon Hackett was later fired for filming the attack with his cellphone while he laughed at Polis’ misfortune.

Last week we shared the tearful reunion between Polis and the middle-aged woman that stepped in and may have saved her life.

Today brings news that Brown and the unnamed 14-year-old will both be prosecuted for hate crime charges in adult and juvenile court, respectively.

The AP reports:

Teonna Brown, 18, was indicted Monday on assault and hate crime charges in the attack on Chrissy Lee Polis at the restaurant last month.

She is also charged with assaulting a customer and a McDonald’s employee who tried to intervene. A 14-year-old girl is facing the same charges in juvenile court. The Associated Press typically does not identify juveniles charged with crimes.

Both teenagers are being held, prosecutors said no one else would be charged.

Brown was defending herself and maintains her innocence, according to attorney Timothy P. Knepp. He declined to go into further detail.

“She’s a very nice young lady who lives with her mom and is not the person the press has made her out to be,” Knepp said.

A very nice young lady who beat a transgender woman into a seizure on camera for all the world to see. Riiight.

Go directly to jail, ladies. Try not to beat anyone nearly to death before you go. Anyone else, that is.

Are you satisfied to see these two women charged with hate crimes?

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