Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins: Gays Are Corporate Terrorists

Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins: Gays Are Corporate Terrorists

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Family Research Council leader Tony Perkins offends our gay blog sensibilities while dropping the T word five times in his explanation for how defending DOMA went awry for King & Spalding, the lawfirm that pulled out of defending the unconstitutional law this week.

FRC, as you probably know, is a certified hate group, so take his words as you will.

Corporate terrorism, eh? How the heck does a person look at this situation and come up with terrorism as a component? What happened in the case of K&S is that a law firm with a history of championing LGBT diversity law was hired to defend a homophobic and unconstitutional law, and was threatened with an illegal gag order which would have attempted to ban employees at the firm from speaking out about the case. The staff at K&S clearly balked at defending a law which was so opposed to the culture of the firm, as well as having their constitutional rights trampled all over by the illegal gag order.

While the staff spoke out against defending DOMA, some of King & Spalding’s corporate ( Re: $$$) clients contacted the firm to voice their disapproval of defending DOMA. Coca-Cola was one of these corporate clients. They rationally and rightfully informed the firm that if they were the type of lawyers who defend discriminatory laws, then they weren’t the type of lawyers that Coke does business with.

The entire situation took merely days to play out. No, there were no terrorist attacks, and to hear this situation compared to acts of terrorism is a grave insult to all those who have died at the hands of terrorists.

If you don’t have anything sane to say, STFU Mr. Perkins.

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