Hate Preacher Slammed with Disco Drag Protest

Hate Preacher Slammed with Disco Drag Protest

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A homophobic New Zealand preacher learned a valuable lesson last month: talk shit, get hit (with a disco drag queen protest).

Last November, Pentacostal preacher Brian Tamaki blamed same-sex marriage for a New Zealand earthquake that killed two people that very same day. Naturally, people were disgusted, not only by his bigotry, but at his slimy exploitation of a tragic event.

In response, a local man named Wayne Baker organized a beautifully campy protest outside Tamaki’s church, where marchers waved rainbow flags and danced to the Village People’s classic YMCA. The New Zealand Herald writes:

Baker, who earlier said they were expecting around 100 people to participate in the protest, this afternoon said he thought the “drag queen disco” protest outside Destiny Church was a great success.

“It went really well. We had a lot of toots of support from the public and cheering and waving.”

Baker said to their surprise, they even had people who attended the service tooting and waving as they left the church’s car park.

Evidently, the protest was so much fun that even Tamaki’s congregation liked it.

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