This Online Game Lets You Smash the Transphobic Hate Speech Bus

This Online Game Lets You Smash the Transphobic Hate Speech Bus

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Thanks to a free game recently released online, you can fulfill your dreams of kicking, punching, uppercutting and shooting fireballs at the transphobic hate speech bus.

The game, Ignorance Fighter II: Tour Bus is an homage to the arcade classic Street Fighter II. In this new game, you play as martial arts champ Ryu, but instead of beating up a green-skinned electric Brazilian or a sumo wrestler, you annihilate a bus with hateful, transphobic slogans.

The original Street Fighter II featured a little bonus level in which players could wreck a car.

But in this update, the vehicle in question is the infamous “Free Speech” bus, a metal monstrosity driven by anti-LGBTQ organizers. The bus bears icons of a girl and a boy labeled by their chromosomes as well as some anti-transgender slogans:

It’s Biology:

Boys are boys… and always will be.

Girls are girls… and always will be.

You can’t change sex. Respect all.

The bus has rolled through several major cities and has not been welcomed with open arms. In New York City, it was sprayed with graffiti. In Philadelphia, it was swarmed with protesters. In Boston, it was defaced by Harvard students. Yale students in New Haven protested too, but the bus never showed up.

Ignorance Fighter was made by an independent game developer, Aquma. He told the Huffington Post:

Trans people, queer people, gender non-binary… they’ve been out here, pushing the boundaries in experimental video games long before it was cool or as accessible as it is now. Through this industry I’ve been inspired by and became friends with many incredibly talented game designers ― who are being marginalized by that bigoted bus campaign. So to fight that message with a ‘free speech video game’ seems fitting and tackles the issue in a light-hearted-but-ironically-serious kind of way.

To play the game, go here.

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