Hateful Hatemonger Bryan Fischer Says Top Nazis Were Gay. Umm… No

Hateful Hatemonger Bryan Fischer Says Top Nazis Were Gay. Umm… No

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You know, considering that gay acceptance rates are going up both around the world and here in America, the Religious Right should be realizing that homophobia’s a losing battle. As it turns out, folks like Bryan Fischer from American Family Radio keep on fightin’ the goodterrible, idiotic fight.

One of his biggest blows against the Good Ship Sanity is his recurring belief, perhaps best illustrated in this column from RenewAmerica.Com, that rather than killing gays in the Holocaust, the highest-ranking Nazis themselves were mostly gay!

Lest you think that Fischer is that creative himself, he’s actually parroting the claims from a 1998 book called The Pink Swastika. The author of that book? Scott Lively, a lovely fellow who is currently on trial for crimes against humanity for his role in stoking homophobia in Uganda, leading not only to an incredibly unsafe climate for LGBTQ individuals, but legislation making homosexuality punishable by death.

If “written by a dude on trial for crimes against humanity which is a real thing and not hyperbole” wasn’t enough of a hint, The Pink Swastika has been thoroughly and repeatedly discredited.

Even the American Family Association don’t support the view of The Pink Swastika and Fischer. The AFA fired him from his role as Director of Issues Analysis for making anti-Semitic comments earlier this year… but they kept him as one of their talking heads and he’s still making the pro-gay=Nazi connection, like in this video from a month ago:

Maybe someday Bryan Fischer will actually read a book not by Scott Lively. Even an 8th grade history textbook would work. Seriously.

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