Haters Mail Poop, Powder and Death Threats to Ivanka Trump Critic’s Husband

Matt Lasner, husband of the gay man who was kicked off a JetBlue flight for complaining about Ivanka Trump, has received dirty death threats at work, according to Fox News.

One of the letters had feces in it. Another contained a white powder which, fortunately, turned out to be harmless.

Fox reports that the letters also included the messages “God hates fags” and “Next time you and your fag husband die.”

Lasner, a professor at Hunter College, and his husband Dan Goldstein, a Brooklyn attorney, achieved notoriety last December after they got thrown off a flight for bothering Ivanka Trump. According to Lasner, Goldstein “expressed displeasure” about Ivanka Trump’s presence. In response, JetBlue staff kicked Lasner and Goldstein’s family off the plane.

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