Heading To Rio For The Olympics? Here’s What You Should Pack! Sports

Heading To Rio For The Olympics? Here’s What You Should Pack!

Written by Matt Keeley on August 10, 2016
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The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro begin on August 5th — so if you’re planning on attending, it’s a good idea to start thinking about packing now to avoid panic and make sure you’ll have a great time. Our packing list should help make your preparations painless.


Even though it’s winter in Rio right now, it’s still pleasantly warm because it’s located close to the equator.  On average, the highs in August are about 82 degrees Fahrenheit (27 Celsius), and the lows are 64 Fahrenheit (17 Celsius); a bit chilly, but not too bad — a light sweater should do. Here’s other clothes to pack
  • Two or three pairs of trousers or skirts — be sure to include something dressy for going out.
  • Three pairs of shorts
  • Three collared shirts for going out and three t-shirts for the day
  • A light jacket, hoodie or other long-sleeved garment for the evening
  • Five pairs of underwear
  • Two pairs of shoes — one pair should be dressy, the other can just be sneakers
  • A wide-brimmed hat for sunny days
  • Five pairs of socks
  • A swimsuit — or you can buy one there!
A Brazilian outlet, Type N
A Brazilian outlet, Type N


You’re going to have a great time, but it’s good idea to be prepared in case of emergencies. Prepare these items — you may not need them, but if you do, you’ll be glad you brought them.
  • Extra pair of glasses
  • Money belt or fanny pack
  • Photocopies of your passport and driver’s license
  • Photocopies of credit cards — in case they’re stolen and you need to cancel them
  • Electrical adapter — Brazil uses the same voltages as in the US and Canada, between 110V and 127V with a frequency of 60 Hz — however, their outlets are type N; in the US, we use type A or B.
  • Portuguese/English phrase book — remember, Spanish is not the national language of Brazil
  • Reusable water bottle — tap water in Brazil is safe to drink


You’ll want to take all your standard toiletries — deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, razors, shaving cream, lotion, etc. — but in addition, make sure you have:
  • SPF 30 or higher sunscreen
  • Lip balm with sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Insect Repellant with DEET
  • Prescription medication — in their original bottles
  • Over-the-counter pain relievers
  • Anti-Diarrheal medicine
  • Washcloths and handtowel (Brazilian hotels rarely provide these)
  • Condoms and lube
Also remember, U.S. airlines forbid any liquids greater than 3.4 ounces aboard flights.

Things To Buy In Brazil

Of course, some things you can buy in Rio — no need for them to take up space in your bag.
  • Havaianas (a/k/a flip flops)
  • Travel umbrella
  • Beach Towels — or you can buy a Kanga (“Brazilian Sarong”) on the beach instead!
One more special tip — unless you want to buy an international data plan, turn off data usage on your cell phone, and only use Wi-Fi services. Roaming charges can really add up. In fact, it’s best to buy a prepaid phone card once you get to Rio, and just leave your phone in Airplane mode when you’re not using it. Otherwise, bring along an empty duffel bag for all the great clothes and souvenirs you’ll bring back — and don’t forget your camera! (featured image via Elizabeth/Flickr)

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