This Heartwarming Kiss Cam Video Proves Love Has No Labels (Videos)

This Heartwarming Kiss Cam Video Proves Love Has No Labels (Videos)

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The Ad Council (you know, those guys who make the public service announcements telling you to not drink and drive or that VD is for everybody) just released a beautiful video based around the 2017 NFL Pro-Bowl in Orlando… and the long-standing tradition of the Kiss Cam.

The moving video, part of the Love Has No Labels campaign, shows couples of all types—gay, straight, interracial, interfaith, with disabilities and without—kissing as the stadium cheers. Perhaps the most amazing is the woman wearing an “Orlando Survivor” shirt kissing her partner.

The campaign started in 2015 with this now-classic ad showing people kissing behind a giant X-ray:

More recently, they invited wrestler John Cena to make an ad for them:

Of course, this is far from the first time a queer couple has been cheered on the Kiss Cam. Last year, a hockey-loving couple went viral; the year before, the entire stadium cheered these Dodgers-fan lovebirds. Unfortunately, the sports world in general has been less inclusive than their fans. Out athletes are becoming more common, but they’re still a rarity in professional leagues.

“Love Has No Labels” and campaigns like it are definitely important to society… but really, we just wanted to share their newest video. We teared up a little while watching, and we bet you will too.

And if that’s not enough, this “Love Has No Labels” video about same-sex adoption should tip you over into tears:

More PSAs like this, please.

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