Heather Matarazzo Just Called Caitlyn Jenner the ‘C-Word’ for Supporting Trump

Heather Matarazzo Just Called Caitlyn Jenner the ‘C-Word’ for Supporting Trump

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Actress Heather Matarazzo, who starred in the cult classic Welcome to the Dollhouse back in the ‘90s, called trans athletic superstar Caitlyn Jenner a “cunt” on Twitter for supporting Donald Trump.

Yesterday, Jenner sent a public message to Donald Trump chiding him for failing to protect trans people. Jenner is a Republican who supported Trump during the election, despite the Republican Party’s open hostility to LGBTQ rights.

But Jenner’s criticisms weren’t enough for many, including Matarazzo. She blasted the Olympian reality show star, and she did not hold back:

It’s hard to understand why anyone in the LGBTQ community would support a candidate like Donald Trump. He’s not progressive, and his Vice President Mike Pence hates gays so much he nearly tanked Indiana’s economy.

Whatever the reason, Jenner is starting to figure out (too late) that, though she considers herself a sort of colleague with Trump (“a fellow Republican”), he might not even consider her a human being.


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