Brooklyn Drag Queen Hellvetika Has a Fantastic Response to Sam Smith’s Latest ‘Coming Out’

Brooklyn Drag Queen Hellvetika Has a Fantastic Response to Sam Smith’s Latest ‘Coming Out’

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Hellvetika is a Brooklyn-based drag queen who is known for her creative and unique aesthetic, which features a beard and quite a lot of body hair.

“I’ve never really thought of my drag as challenging gender boundaries, it’s never been my goal or even a factor when deciding my style,” she tells us. “I just dress up the way I think looks best and use elements I like regardless of what gender it’s associated with. I think a beard can totally look fierce and beautiful if done in the right way, same with a hairy chest or muscles. To me, it’s all about the silhouette it makes and the overall feeling you get from the visual.”

“I like a lot of drag that exists almost totally outside gender, like Hungry, Ryan Burke, or Chris of Hur from Brooklyn. It just feels like artful aesthetic decisions based on instinct and taste.”

Hellvetika posted a fantastic Twitter response to Sam Smith’s latest admission in a new interview that he feels both male and female.

With the caption titled “Why I don’t identify as genderfluid even though I fit the description,” she responded, “I also do not feel ‘male’ nor ‘female,’ but I don’t bother to mention this because since on a daily basis I present how I was assigned at birth, and I don’t experience body dysphoria, I essentially only have things to GAIN from identifying as trans and would get NONE of the bad aspects and I am not morally okay with that.”

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