Help These Homos Win Crate & Barrel’s Ultimate Wedding Contest

Help These Homos Win Crate & Barrel’s Ultimate Wedding Contest

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marriage equality, gay blog, gay newsOver 7,000 couples have entered, but only one will win Crate & Barrel’s Ultimate Wedding Contest – a $100,000 extravaganza designed by wedding planner to the stars, Yifat Oren.

We’re throwing our 50,000 unicorns (That means you) behind dashing lads, Robbie & Allen, currently in second place. The contest ends in a week, and they’re behind by about 3,000 votes. Pshh, y’all can take care of that in an hour.

So just who are these fellas? Let’s see what they have to say.

Our love story

I saw Allen’s profile many times over the years but was still struggling with my sexuality. Finally I found the courage to “wink” and it was just in time, the next day Allen was canceling his profile! Within 24 hours we emailed, talked, and met. From day 1 we never turned back. In 3 months it was “I love you!”, in 12 months “Move in!”, and in 24 months “Marry me!”. By finding Allen I found myself, my friends and family found the real me, and we found true love.

Three important details about our ultimate wedding.

1) Sustainable Love: Imagine our friends & family receiving an eco-friendly invitation to embrace us while we pledge our love and dance the night away under a starry night. 2) Modern Lifestyle. Picture an iconic black and white urban lounge high up on a hill or rooftop overlooking panoramic views of the LA skyline. 3) Creative Souls. Imagine a dessert bar of childhood dreams with bright pink cotton candy, crispy treats, and the most colorful, gooiest, and decadent sundae bar you’ve ever seen.

Our ultimate dream home.

It remains true to us: sustainable love, modern lifestyle, and creative souls. It’s a family room with a handcrafted coffee table that says “put your feet up” and a sofa with room to curl up. It’s a contemporary kitchen evoking the desire to cook with space to socialize. It’s a playroom for our future kids filled with color and creativity. It’s a master bedroom with classically styled furniture and modern fabrics. Its a guest room that’s a home away from home; a place for grandparents to visit.

Sounds good to us. We think it would send a powerful message to have our country select a same-sex couple to win this contest. Robbie and Allen explain that it’s less about the money, and more about taking a stance on marriage equality. Though, the money sure doesn’t hurt.

Please take ten seconds to vote for Robbie and Allen HERE. You can use Facebook Connect to vote, so there is no pesky signing up to do. Then share their love story with your friends and encourage them to vote. Let’s get these boys married in style!

Because if we don’t, one of these couples might!

ultimate wedding contestSoalmates? Really? And pardon us for failing to understand what a man holding a rifle has to do with Beach Wedding Dreams. Jeezums.

Seriously. Go vote. Now.

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