Here’s 10 Handy Signs To Help Indiana And Arkansas Discriminate Against Everybody!

Here’s 10 Handy Signs To Help Indiana And Arkansas Discriminate Against Everybody!

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Several businesses including Apple have thoroughly spanked Indiana for passing an anti-LGBT “religious freedom” law, and luckily Arkansas’ Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson refused to sign a similar law today — but only because he wanted it to more closely resemble the federal 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act, a law which forbids government entities from imposing on people’s religious freedoms unless it furthers “a compelling governmental interest.”

Wal-Mart — the nation’s largest employer whose headquarters is in Arkansas — had urged Hutchinson to veto the bill. and hopefully with the suggested changes it won’t be like Indiana’s bill which currently makes discrimination against LGBT people easy.

No matter how it turns out, we dug up a few signs that religious business owners can use to discriminate against people of all sorts — like chatty women, anyone with tattoos, and folks who eat butter — not just LGBT folks. You’re welcome!

Okay, okay the signs we found are actually part of the #WrongToRefuse campaign highlighting how ridiculous and dangerous “religious freedom” laws are, but we still love ’em.

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