Here’s the GOP’s Plan to Roll Back LGBTQ Rights Nationwide

Here’s the GOP’s Plan to Roll Back LGBTQ Rights Nationwide

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Hey all you 14 percent of registered LGBTQ voters who helped elect Donald Trump! Remember when Trump said he would sign the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA), a law allowing anyone to discriminate against same-sex couples? Well now that Republicans control both houses of Congress, Senator Mike Lee of Utah (the Beehive State!) has promised to re-introduce FADA soon after Trump’s administration begins.

Furthermore, a former Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General (yeah, we didn’t know that was a real job either) also predicts that Trump’s Justice Department will “rescind its support for LGBT protections” in ongoing court cases and “the Civil Rights Division will take an affirmatively anti-LGBT-rights position and intervene to make religious-freedom or free-speech arguments on behalf of the defendants in LGBT discrimination cases brought under state laws.”

In short, after appointing the most anti-LGBT cabinet ever, Trump and his cronies will work hard to ensure huge setbacks to LGBTQ rights nationwide. So much for him being ‘the most pro-LGBT Republican candidate ever.’



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