Here’s Reddit’s Prediction On The Top Three Of RuPaul’s Drag Race! Entertainment

Here’s Reddit’s Prediction On The Top Three Of RuPaul’s Drag Race!

Written by Matt Keeley on July 27, 2016
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Why we’re covering this: We love RuPaul’s Drag Race — it’s one of the most creative and diverse shows on TV. We also like being ahead of the curve and sounding all smarty pants, so…

When we initially ranked the queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race season eight, we did so based purely on their introductory mini-interviews. But, as everyone knows, the season was taped months ago and queens talk, especially on Reddit. So we listened in on the conversations of die-hard Drag Race Redditors who took a closer look at the editing of the previous episodes and dug for every minor spoiler they could. They read the “T leaves” (as it were) and here’s their predictions for the top three queens:

Basically the money is on Bob and Kim Chi with a toss-up between Chi Chi and Thorgy.


Perhaps the most cogent analysis of what might happen comes from Redditor Taklit_MarionOn on r/rpdrtearanny/, who examines the way the previous episodes have been cut to determine who’ll make it to episode 10.


I think what will happen is that Acid leaving will shock the other queens, Derrick will fizzle, Bob will step it up, Chi Chi will keep up her drive, Thorgy might break down, Kim will grow hungrier for the win and Naomi and Robbie will fail to keep up.

I believe the top 3 will be Bob, Chi Chi and Kim Chi, unless Thorgy makes top 4. If she does make top 4 they might choose her over Chi Chi or Kim Chi and make the rivalry between Bob and Thorgy the biggest story of the season. I would love to see that happen. I’m curious to see if Bob and Thorgy will play into this storyline. Otherwise I think Chi Chi will remain the story of the season and has a good potential to win. She still has a lot of hurdles to overcome though and the competition is strong.

While not everyone agrees about the top three, it sounds like most people agree some combination of at least two of Bob, Chi Chi and Kim Chi will make the cut.


Kim and Bob seem to me as guaranteed for top 3. The other spot I think goes either to Thorgy or Chi Chi. My bets are on Kim winning the makeover and Bob winning the comedy challenge / late season acting challenge / rumored Frock The Vote 2.0, with Snatch Game and the ball challenge being kind of wild cards that could go to Thorgy or Chi Chi (and defining which one of them gets to the top 3).

As we all know, Bob won Snatch Game with his inspired impersonations of Uzo Aduba (aka. Crazy Eyes from Orange is the New Black) and Carol Channing. In fact, at this point we’re convinced Bob may win the whole damn thing, and it’d be the first time a “comedy queen” won, something that we’ve been pining for ever since Pandora Boxx got so thoroughly denied throughout season two. But we digress…


Because of the reduced episode count there aren’t many wins to hand out this season. The Top 3 will have at least 2 each, which leaves between 1 and 3 other wins (depending on whether the ’10 episode’ figure includes the countdown and finale) for the 4th-6th place queens. With that in mind, we probably already have at least 2/3 of the Top 3 between Kim, Bob, Chi Chi and Robbie. Thorgy could go either way, but the future looks bleak for Naomi, who has no wins and no storyline.

Ahahahahahaha!!! Robbie in the top three? Uhhhh…. NO. Girl hasn’t made hardly a splash at all apart from being sweet, opinionated and just a touch ditzy. And HauntedFurniture is right about Naomi — we had to look her up just to remember who the hell she is.

But nearly everyone agrees that Bob’s huge amount of screen time implies that she’ll make it to the top three — Bob’s even got Naysha’s vote! Taklit_MarionOn explains:

Bob has been getting a lot of screen time every episode, regardless of whether she was low, high or safe. She is I believe a shoe-in for top 3. Her friendly rivalry with Thorgy is probably the biggest conflict (apart from the faux conflict that is Bob v Derrick) that will play out over the season. I’m thinking it will result in Thorgy not making top 3. I don’t necessarily think Bob will send Thorgy home in a lipsync, but Thorgy’s focus on Bob will be her downfall. In episode 4 Bob was called safe before Thorgy. The order matters. Ru preferred Bob over Thorgy even though the consensus is that Thorgy did the best out of all three. I believe Ru likes Bob more than Thorgy and will decide to choose Bob over her for top 3.

Or, as gbinasia puts it:

He’s certainly edited to give whoever else is with him in the top 3 a chance to compete in terms of popularity.

Still, we’re about a month out from the end, and in that time anything can happen. Hey, we thought Acid Betty’d take it home!

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