Josh Brolin Got Swole AF to Play Cable in the Upcoming ‘Deadpool 2’

Josh Brolin Got Swole AF to Play Cable in the Upcoming ‘Deadpool 2’

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For the past few weeks, Ryan Renolds has been sharing new photos teasing ‘Deadpool 2,’ which is set to release June 1, 2018. Last week we saw Atlanta actress Zazie Beetz as X-Force mutant Domino, replicating a Deadpool ad from the first film. This week, we got a first look at Josh Brolin as Cable in his full badassery.

Reynold’s first shared a close-up picture of Brolin decked out in his full Cable gear, before sharing a zoomed out version hours later. Two days after that, we got to see a photo of Brolin on set holding onto what appears to be a little Deadpool doll (or potentially a child in costume). But it’s not Deadpool we’re looking at. It’s that behemoth of a bicep we see as Brolin flexes his arm. An arm that could have only been logically sculpted by the Gods. The social media savvy Reynolds also added the caption, “The camera really does add 10 pounds.”

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