Hilarious Reactions To Lenny Kravitz Exposing Himself On Stage (NSFW)

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The heavenly gates opened and the legendary Lenny Kravitz accidentally exposed himself onstage in Sweden yesterday.

While performing his hit American Woman, Lenny Kravitz hits a deep squat that splits his tight leather pants in half. The picture shows Kravitz’s impressive manhood and what looks like a piercing or cock ring — seriously, what’s that about? We knew that male strippers sometimes wear cockrings to make their junk look big, but are other entertainers doing it too? Actually, it turns out that said “cockring” is actually a piercing.

Twitter went nuts with hilarious tweets, memes and pics; these are the best of the best:

Even Kravitz joined in on the fun, and confirmed the piercing at the same time:

Lenny Kravitz, we thank you.

(featured image via @LennyKravitz)

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