Hillary Clinton Accused Of Anti-Sanders “Push Polling” In Nevada

Hillary Clinton Accused Of Anti-Sanders “Push Polling” In Nevada

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Nolan Dalla, a blogger and World Series of Poker employee who lives in Nevada, recently published a post entitled, “I Just Got ‘Push Polled’ by Hillary Clinton’s Nevada Campaign” in which he recounts his February 5 phone conversation with a “political pollster” who asked questions negatively portraying Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

For those who don’t know, a “push poll” is a deceptive survey whose real intent is to sway voter opinion. Dalla alleges that the caller distorted Sander’s voting record, claiming that he “blocked gun control legislation five times as a U.S. Senator” and “voted six times against immigration reform.” The caller also allegedly described Sanders as “divisive” and unable to work with Congress.

Dalla claims that he bickered with the pollster for about 45 minutes, challenging their portrayal of Sanders’ record, and ultimately demanded to know the name of the polling organization and who hired them. Dalla claims that the poller took down his phone number and promised to have a supervisor call him back, but no such call ever came.

Right now, Dalla suspects Clinton because of reports of Clinton push-polling back in 2008 and because who else would it be? Martin O’Malley?

Since publishing his post, Dalla claims that other other commenters on his site and social media have reported receiving similar phone calls. He has since publicly asked the Clinton campaign to deny or explain their connection to the poller.

As an employee of a poker enterprise, Dalla knows that the stakes are high as the February 20 Nevada Democratic primary approaches; he also knows the danger of bluffing. While the stat-journalism website FiveThirtyEight says that Sanders will have to fight hard to win Nevada, Sanders has reportedly hired twice as many workers in the state as Clinton and spent nearly four times more than she in statewide TV and radio ads.

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