Hillary Clinton Once Beat John McCain In A Vodka Drinking Contest

Hillary Clinton Once Beat John McCain In A Vodka Drinking Contest

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Hillary Clinton only announced her intention to run for president this weekend and already people are criticizing her policy stances, mocking her crappy logo, and overanalyzing her visits to Chipotle. But no matter what, no one can take away the fact that she once beat Republican Senator and ex-US Presidential candidate John McCain in a vodka drinking contest during their 2004 congressional tour of Estonia.

The Telegraph reports:

Dimitri Demjanov, proprietor of Gloria’s (a restaurant in the Estonian capital of Tallinn.), said the two political heavyweights managed four shots each before Mrs Clinton was declared the winner, though the rules of the contest remain somewhat opaque… Mr McCain’s ‘people’ were rather less forthcoming, saying their man had been for a few drinks with Mrs Clinton but denying a contest.

Just imagine Clinton and McCain slogging it out in a Raiders of the Lost Ark style shot-for-shot drinking contest, slurring their words and calling each other “sonnuvabitch.”

Of course, maybe this is all just a cleverly planted story to make Clinton seem more hip, down-t0-earth, and like the cool college kids who like to competitively binge drink against senior citizens. Either way, we’d like to go ahead and replace one of the three televised presidential debates with a drinking contest — more people would watch and we’d all probably learn a hell of a lot more about the candidates than the current debates teach us.

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