Hillary Clinton Slams Trump on LGBT Rights, Insists Activists Must Resist (Video)

Hillary Clinton Slams Trump on LGBT Rights, Insists Activists Must Resist (Video)

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Hillary Clinton slammed President Donald Trump’s administration during a fundraiser for The Center, New York City’s LGBT community center on Thursday.

“I think we have to face the fact that we may not ever be able to count on this administration to lead on LGBT issues,” Clinton said during her speech.

Since 1993, New York City’s LGBT community center empowers people to lead healthy, successful lives. The Center celebrates our diversity and advocates for justice and opportunity.

“When this administration rescinded protections for transgender students, my heart broke,” Clinton said. “When I learned about the proposed cuts in funding for HIV and AIDS research, I thought about all of our efforts to try and achieve an AIDS-free generation.”

“Some of the changes that we’re seeing should seem small, but they matter a great deal if you’re the person affected,” Clinton said. “Others carry historic significance, like the future of the Supreme Court.”

Next, Clinton moved on to LGBT rights across the globe, touching upon the horrifying reports coming out of Chechnya.

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“In recent weeks, we’ve heard terrifying accounts from Chechnya of gay and bisexual men being taken from their homes and families, tortured, even killed. And when government authorities were confronted with these reports, their response was chilling. They said you cannot arrest or repress who do not exist. The United States government — yes, this government — should demand an end to the persecution of innocent people across the world.”

“I know the election hit a lot of us hard,” Clinton said, pausing for laughs before continuing. “I can tell you this: Even when it feels tempting to pull the covers over your heads, please keep going.”

“Just remember: we need to resist, insist, persist and enlist and make sure our voices and our votes count.”

Watch Hillary Clinton’s full speech here:

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