Hit The Floor Season 3 Ends With Sexy Gay Shower Scene

Hit The Floor Season 3 Ends With Sexy Gay Shower Scene

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Season 3 of VH1’s super-sexy basketball drama Hit The Floor ended September 5 — but what an ending! Story threads were resolved, there was a wedding… though the truly important thing is that the show’s gay couple, Zero and Jude (played by Adam Senn and Brent Antonello) made out in the shower.


And it’s not just sexy — the show’s gay and out creator James LaRosa wanted to be sure the gay romance were portrayed the same way as the straight couplings. In an interview with NewNowNext, LaRosa said:

To Brent and Adam’s credit, I was like, “Okay, we’re going to shoot this scene, and you can’t be pussies.” If Logan and Rob, who play Jelena and Terrence, are going to yank each other’s clothes up and hold them up against walls and pull down zippers with their teeth… I mean, you guys have got to get in the game!

Both actors are straight in real life, but as you can see, Senn and Antonello took LaRosa’s advice and really got into it. And it pays off — their performance was widely praised by fans:

While some outlets are reporting that this was the series finale of Hit The Floor, LaRosa begs to differ.

Here’s hoping VH1 does the right thing and renews Hit The Floor — if nothing else, for more scenes this sexy! Hit The Floor is streaming on VH1’s official website — as long as you’ve got cable from one of their supported providers. If you’ve cut the cord, you’ll just have to buy season passes from iTunes, Google Play or Amazon.

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