Hobie from Baywatch: Bottled Water Causes Bisexuality

Hobie from Baywatch: Bottled Water Causes Bisexuality

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Baywatch star (Star may be too strong of a word. He played the Hoff’s son Hobie for goodness sake.) Jeremy Jackson will be featured on the upcoming season of Celebrity Rehab. Jackson is seeking treatment for cattle steroid addiction this time around, having already kicked a nasty crystal meth habit once upon a time.


We caught this little nugget of ignorance in a promo piece about the show over at Zap2it.

When he arrived at the ranch, he brought a truck full of various appliances, including a large water filter. “What about bottled water?” asked a staff member. “Are you okay with bottled water?”

“In a pinch,” Jackson said hesitantly. “That plastic leeches and causes cancer and bisexuality, it’s been linked to directly.”

Yep. Jeremy Jackson thinks bottled water might make him want to sleep with men.

Yeah, that’s not how bisexuality works, pal.

Kids, stay away from cattle steroids and crystal meth. They’ll fry your brain up real nice.

At least we’ll always have Hobie.

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