Hodare Festival
Hodare Festival

Japanese Newlyweds Ride a Giant Wooden Penis at the Annual Hodare Festival (Video)

Maypole not interesting enough for you? Celebrate the coming of spring at the Hodare Festival in Niigata, Japan, where residents ride a giant wooden penis.

The Hodare Festival is a fertility festival that happens every year in March in various villages in Japan. But in Niigata, the townsfolk really go all-out by whipping out a giant wooden penis every year.

But alas, the giant dick ride is for ladies only. By tradition, only women who have gotten married within the past year can sit atop the big wooden penis. Still, men can take part by carrying the seven-foot phallus or stroking it for good luck as it passes by.

And anyone can participate by praying for pregnancy, fortune or a good harvest.

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