Here Are 5 Simple Hacks for Surviving the Holidays With Your Family

Here Are 5 Simple Hacks for Surviving the Holidays With Your Family

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Christmas is almost here, and there’s no doubt you’re nervous about spending so much time with your family. Some of us will have to go home to a gaggle of Trump supporters and sit around the table hoping the topic of politics doesn’t come up. Others are blessed to have their family on the right (er, left) side of the aisle, but even that doesn’t excuse them being overbearing and crazy as all hell. So we’ve compiled five-holiday family survival hacks to get through it all in one piece.

From meeting a new friend (on Hornet, natch) to reconnecting to an old one in real life, here are five simple ways for you to ease holiday stress with your family when you’re home.


1. Take a break

Stress can build up over time, and before you know it you’re blowing up at Aunt Cathy because she forgot to add the marshmallows to that sweet potato casserole. Remember, it’s totally OK for you to take a break. That could mean getting some from fresh air on the front porch, going for a drive to the local convenience store (for a pint of ice cream) or retiring to your room for some Netflix on your phone.


2. Meet up with old friends

Just because you’re home for a few days doesn’t mean you have to be at home for a few days. You can still go out at night, and possibly use some free time outside of family activities to reconnect with old friends you haven’t seen in years.


3. Make new friends

Getting on the apps can be a great way to distract yourself from the family drama around you. You may be reconnected with an old flame while you’re home, or meet someone totally new — who knows? Whether it’s a friend, a fling or a future romance, the distraction they provide can be a huge stress reliever.


4. Text your besties

Get a really good group text with your best friends going. Maybe not the ones who tend to get super emotional, or those who aren’t tied to their phones, but the ones who know every Real Housewife opening one-liner and Drag Race lip sync. Surrounding yourself with people who have a sense of humor via technology will give you an easy outlet to vent any frustrations if and when they arise.


5. Don’t drink (too much)

Sure, an easy way to ease the stress is to get sloshed. But let’s face it, adding booze to the equation can often be a recipe for disaster. Think about staying in on and limit yourself to two drinks at dinner so you don’t end up cursing out Uncle Frank the Trump voter come dessert.

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