#HornetNYC Photos: The Return of Ladyfag’s Holy Mountain at Slake

#HornetNYC Photos: The Return of Ladyfag’s Holy Mountain at Slake

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Ladyfag’s wildly popular monthly rager Holy Mountain returned Saturday night at Slake in New York City.

The successful nightlife mainstay took a short hiatus for the end of summer. Even nightlife personalities like Ladyfag need a break, right? But she and her party returned with a vengeance, as well as lots of hot trade, last Saturday night.

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The theme was back-to-school, and there were plenty of college students and young 20-somethings to make a 30-year-old feel like a senior citizen. There were lots of cute looks in the crowd, but also lots of shirtless hunks showing off their summer bods while they still can.

Photographer Jeff Eason was there to capture all the debauchery.

Check out Hornet’s pics from Holy Mountain below:

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