This Homo Honey’s Defense of Mariah Carey is Everything (Video)

This Homo Honey’s Defense of Mariah Carey is Everything (Video)

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Emily McNamara is a self-proclaimed “homo honey.”

A singer and actress, the New Yorker may be straight and married – but McNamara is a huge fixture in the local gay scene. She can be seen at many of the city’s LGBT establishments weekly, hosting lots of different events from drag pageants to karaoke nights.

McNamara is also a huge Mariah Carey fan. In light of the recent drama that has unfolded since Carey’s pitch poor performance on New Year’s Eve, McNamara has come to her diva’s defense. She took to Facebook to post a four and a half minute video ranting and raving about the hot topic. Needless to say, the result is pretty funny.

“I mean, Mariah Carey has probably done hundreds if not thousands of performances in 2016. OK, if that’s her one screw up in a year’s worth of performances, she is doing better than most people because I perform two or three times a week and most of them are horrible.”

This isn’t the first time McNamara has risen to the role of Carey’s defense attorney. Back in 2014, she posted a similar clip after Carey’s struggling performance at Rockefeller Center. Her video even caught the attention of the bloggers over at Perez Hilton who said, “This video isn’t just fair — it’s also hilarious!”

“The people who are behind their computer who are writing this trash, who are you? Raise your hand if you have a Grammy,” she continues in the new video.

McNamara makes quite a lot of jokes during the clip, but she also touches on some important topics like the media’s bias against women. “When it’s a women, we say, ‘She needs to quit.’ We say, ‘She needs to be put out to pasture.’ We love to tear down our women. And then after the fact, we like to put their pussies on a pedestal because lets not forget that when Whitney Houston was going through her things everyone was making fun of her.”

“Everyone loves to come for a female.”

Watch her rant below and tell us what you think about her arguments in the comments.

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