This Woman Socked a Man in the Jaw for Calling Her Brother an Anti-Gay Slur

This Woman Socked a Man in the Jaw for Calling Her Brother an Anti-Gay Slur

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A woman in the city of Townsville (yes, it is a real place in Australia, Powerpuff Girls fans) reportedly punched a man in the jaw after he allegedly called her brother “a faggot.” She also attacked the man’s friend and has since pled guilty to “assault causing bodily harm.”


An alleged homophobe hit

The woman, a 25-year-old named Jayde Louise Lewis, approached the man, named Samuel Stokes while Stokes and his friend stood in a parking lot at 1:25 a.m. Lewis’s defense lawyer Phil Rennick says that Stokes and his friend had called her younger brother, who had recently come out, “a faggot and other denigrating words.”

Prosecutor Sergeant John Moran says that Stokes and his friend “tried to defuse the situation,” but then, “Without warning, (Lewis) struck (Mr. Stokes’s friend) two times in the head… (She) begun pacing around the car before punching … Mr. Stokes on the left side of his jaw.”

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Stokes reportedly suffered a split lip and immediately reported Lewis to nearby police. In court, Lewis pled guilty and was sentenced to six months probation and made to pay $500 to Stokes for the assault.


Why Lewis made the “homophobe hit”

According to her defense lawyer, Lewis’ father died four years ago and she has cared for her three younger siblings ever since. She also has a nine-year-old son.

Rennick said, “As a person who’s cared for [her gay brother] for the last four years, (she) took great offense (at Stokes’ alleged slurs). She acknowledges that it was an over-reaction.”

The presiding magistrate over the case said that although the court took Lewis’ attack seriously, Stokes’ injuries were neither serious nor life-threatening.

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Right now, Australia is going through a non-binding national mail-in vote on whether the government should legalize same-sex marriage. The national campaign has made tensions run high with misinformation and disagreement on how it will change society at large. (It won’t, apart from letting people like Lewis’ brother get married.)


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