Homophobic FOX News Gay Poll Only Offers Two Offensive Answers

Homophobic FOX News Gay Poll Only Offers Two Offensive Answers

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A South Carolina FOX affiliate is being lambasted today for attempting to skew poll results in their favor by only offering readers two extremely homophobic answers to a question about the Presbyterian Church’s decision to ordain LGBT ministers and church officials.

WACH News Director Bryan Cox (Who desperately needs to spell and grammar-check his work) asked readers, What do you think about the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) decision to permit ordaining openly gay members as clergy? The only two options a person could choose were…well, you can see below.

The story was instantly picked up first by gay blogs, and then other media outlets after angry readers shared the homophobic poll with their peers. Which eventually led to Bryan Cox issuing a typo-riddled non-apology.

“We’ve modified the wording of the poll to just give the option to agree or disagree with the church’s decision. While the station never intended to advocated for or against any type of religious or political viewpoint, as some of you thought the wording was poor we’ve modified it so the poll clearly reflects its stated purpose simply to ask what people think of the decision.”

The question was then amended to read:

But even then, a funny thing happened.

66% of readers agreed with the Presbyterian Church’s decision to put an end to anti-gay discrimination within the church! An overwhelming majority of the rightwing station’s viewers straight up disagreed with Cox’s station-sanctioned homophobia. FOX, the GOP, and leaders of the religious right are hopelessly out of touch with their viewers and constituents. Gay marriage and gay rights are simply no longer an issue for the majority of Americans. Most of the country believes it is time for marriage equality to be extended to LGBT Americans.

Cox, for what it’s worth has been accused of being a self-hating homosexual himself in the comments section beneath the poll. The wording of his poll (We ALL commit homosexuality, eh?) and a glance at his Facebook page may back those claims up. Ohnowedidn’t!

You can go and answer the poll yourself HERE. Keep us posted on the results!

What do you think of WACH’s homophobic conundrum?

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