Homophobic Video Warns Russian Voters If They Don’t Vote, a Gay Man Will Move in With Them

Homophobic Video Warns Russian Voters If They Don’t Vote, a Gay Man Will Move in With Them

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A viral video out of Russia targeting voters has been slammed for being homophobic. The homophobic Russian video features a married couple on the eve of Russia’s upcoming March 18 election. The clip, watched more than 3 million times on Facebook, depicts certain terrors that will happen if they don’t vote. One of the terrors depicted is the presence of a gay man at their house.

A husband dismisses his wife’s desire to vote in the election, and says that her vote does not matter before he falls asleep and begins to dream. The waking nightmare the man finds himself in the next morning because of his apathy includes walking to the kitchen to find a “gay on a homestay,” part of a program where Russian families are forced to support LGBT people who don’t have partners.

Putin is expected to easily win the reelection on March 18.

Ksenia Sobchak, a television personality who is running against Putin, condemned the video as an “incitement and humiliation of those in the minority.”

Sobchak called the video an “incitement to hatred” against members of Russia’s beleaguered LBGT community. “My opinion is that it’s possible to joke about everyone. About Hitler, and about gays. But to show LGBT as a threat in a homophobic country. It is no longer a joke,” she wrote on Instagram.

Svetlana Galka, the actress who played the wife in the video, told the Govorit Moskva radio station that she was unaware of who had ordered the campaign ad and dismissed accusations of homophobia.

“This is simply a humorous promo, so what?” she said, and that she believed it resonated because it spoke to “what our Russian person has somewhere in their subconscious.”

Other “evils” pointed out by Russia viewers included military conscription for those up to 60 years old, a black man in the military, reminders of a Soviet youth program, massive inflation and rationed time to use the toilet.

A spokesperson for Russia’s election committee said it had nothing to do with the video.

You can watch the homophobic Russian video here:

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