This Adorable Honey Ad Shows 3 Sexy Gay Bears Warming Their Undies and Hugging Each Other

This Adorable Honey Ad Shows 3 Sexy Gay Bears Warming Their Undies and Hugging Each Other

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A new ad campaign for Britain’s Rowse Honey shows three sexy, burly gay bears making porridge. Playing off the classic fairy tale Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the bears bond in the kitchen during a faux cooking segment, resulting in a honey ad that is the cutest thing we’ve seen this week.

The strategy behind the campaign is simple, to “encourage more people to put more honey on porridge,” says ad agency BMB creative chief Jules Chalkley.

Chalkey and his team decided they wanted to give Goldilocks a modern twist, so they opted for gay bears.

“We knew that casting would make or break the campaign,” Chalkley said. “It was important to find the characters that would make it feel authentic and genuine, who we could trust to accurately represent the gay bear community. Their chemistry was absolutely everything. We also wanted to find people with a genuine passion for food, the great outdoors and fitness. Each episode, while entertaining, needed to be informative and useful.”

Matthew Lister, one of the very sexy stars in the honey ad, said:

Recently, LGBT people have appeared at the forefront of several advertising campaigns. That said, it seems certain groups have been underrepresented in the media, which is why I jumped at the opportunity to feature in “The Three Bears.” The filming process reminded me a bit of my experience of the bear community. We arrived on the first day not knowing each other, but everyone was easygoing and welcoming. Very quickly the banter and camaraderie between us all developed, and by the end we all felt like great mates.

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