Five Great Hong Kong Restaurants For A First Date Guide

Five Great Hong Kong Restaurants For A First Date Guide

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We enjoy reading Hungry Lawyer’s food guide and here is his latest post, Five Great Restaurants For a First Date:

Hong Kong is a foodie’s paradise. This internationally known city has thousands of restaurants from cafes, noodle shops to opulent hotel dining rooms for your culinary experience. From authentic Cantonese food to spicy Szechuan cuisine, there are plenty of choices for taste in Hong Kong food scene.

Choosing the right restaurant is daunting when you travel in a foreign city. Picking the ideal restaurant for a date in a new place can be incredibly overwhelming. To help you navigating through this scenario, here is Hungry Lawyer’s Guide to Five Great Restaurants For a First Date:

“In choosing a restaurant for a date, I find it useful to pick a place where you can at least have a good meal or drink as a silver lining in case the date itself is a dud. With that in mind, here are five of my top restaurant suggestions for a first date, in order of affordability.”

For Marc’s full Hong Kong Food Guide, read Hungry Lawyer’s Picks on Coconuts for details.

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