Hong Kong Judge: Protestor Attacked Cop With Her Breasts

Hong Kong Judge: Protestor Attacked Cop With Her Breasts

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Last Thursday, a judge in Hong Kong convicted a 30-year-old woman of assaulting a police officer with her breast. The incident occurred on March 1 during a protest against parallel trading, a practice in which mainland Chinese citizens take advantage of visa policies to buy goods from shops in Hong Kong to sell back in the People’s Republic of China. According to the protestors, parallel trading has led to a dearth of basic necessities like baby formula and medicine in Hong Kong’s retail stores, among other problems.

Ng Lai-ying, the alleged mammary-wielding maniac, was taking part in the protest when she encountered Chief Inspector Chan. Their stories differ. Chan claims that he attempted to restrain Ng (in a way that was no doubt wholesome and appropriate) when, without warning, she violently smashed her deadly breasts against his delicate hand in order to frame him for sexual misconduct. Ng, on the other hand, testified that the officer grabbed her breast while reaching out to nab the strap of her bag. Upon feeling his hand upon her, Ng immediately began to shout, “Indecent assault!”

Which is more likely: that a woman would literally use her nipples as a weapon against a uniformed officer, or that a member of a police force with a rapidly declining reputation would abuse his power in order to touch a political protestor inappropriately?

The judge decided to believe the former story. “You used your female identity to trump up the allegation that the officer had molested you,” he said, according to the Shanghaiist. He also remarked that it was odd that Ng did not file a complaint for the alleged sexual harassment. Ng did file a complaint but only for the bloody nose which she claims was caused by police shoving her to the ground.

Video footage of the incident in question has been uploaded to the internet. Netizens have identified the young woman in the dark sweater in the video below as Ng. In the clip, we can see a police officer grab Ng and pull her away from a small cluster of protestors and policemen. Another police officer then grabs Ng by the arm. Ng screams. It’s difficult to see what happens next as a few bodies get in the way of the view, but Ng falls to the ground. A police officer standing behind her appears to have his hands on her back, pushing her. Ng emerges a moment later in a throng of blue-uniformed officers, who are grabbing her. Later, Ng is seen in the arms of the police with blood gushing from her nose. The video does not show Ng slamming her breasts into a police officer’s hand.

Hong Kong netizens were less than impressed with the judge’s ruling, taking to Twitter and Facebook to express their displeasure. (Hong Kong residents can use Facebook and Twitter, though the two websites, among many others, are blocked in mainland China.) The incident is quickly becoming a meme, with women snapping photos of their cleavage with slogans critical of the police. Members of the Facebook group Say No to Dirty Cops uploaded a few images in protest: Say No to Dirty Cops!

English translation of the above image: “Groping? Get away!

English translation of the above image: “No bestiality! :/” [In other words, the police are animals.]

English translation of the above image: “It’s not about size. With boobs, you can threaten the police.”

English translation of the above image: “FUCK the police.”

Ng and three other defendants who took part in the protests were found guilty of assault and obstructing or resisting the police.

Hong Kong political groups are planning to hold a rally on July 26 to protest the judge’s verdict. It remains to be seen as to whether any of these protestors will also be convicted of assault with a deadly bosom.

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