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gay blog, gay news, gay friendly

Hong Kong McDonald’s Hosting Weddings

Would you like a marriage with those fries? Hong Kong McDonald’s have added something new to their menus – weddings. The $400 package includes ceremony, reception and apple pie wedding cake. You’ll have to toast with Coca-Cola instead of champagne though. Alcohol is prohibited in family-friendly restaurants in Hong Kong.

gay blog, gay news, gay friendly
And now to cut the...pie?

But just because people can doesn’t necessarily mean people will, right? Wrong. A rep for the golden arches confirms:

“Over the past two years, we’ve started receiving calls from people who want to have a wedding party in our restaurants. There are about 10 calls a month.”

“People said they’d dated here, or met here, and wanted to get married here. We see this as a business opportunity.”

gay blog, gay news, gay friendly
Love at first sip!

McDonald’s weddings are currently exclusive to Hong Kong, but could become the global juggernaut that you are already picturing in your mind. Now you’ll have a new way to break your mother’s heart all over again by hosting your gay wedding at McDonald’s! We joke, we joke.

Would you ever consider a McDonald’s wedding?

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