Wear it Proud – Hornet Creates Badges for Community Contributors

Wear it Proud – Hornet Creates Badges for Community Contributors

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A few weeks ago, we invited Hornet members to take part in Hornet Community. Today, users will get the opportunity to share their Hornet community contributions on their profile pages — with Hornet badges. These badges are a way for you to display that you’re a community member such as a moderator, translator or city ambassador.

Hornet Community offers multiple opportunities for all global users to directly impact Hornet and its millions of users. These users help shape the direction of Hornet and contribute across various aspects of the app. These different areas include but aren’t limited to:

So you’re interested in participating. Now what?

If you see someone with a badge on their profiles and you’re interested in making meaningful impact by becoming a contributor, you can click through and sign up on the community program page.

More program opportunities and Hornet features will become available in the near future. Hornet users wishing to take part in Community, get engaged and contribute here: hornetapp.com/community.

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