Hornet App Expands and Enhances Online Community to Reflect the Diversity of its Users

Hornet App Expands and Enhances Online Community to Reflect the Diversity of its Users

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At Hornet we are continually working to expand and enhance our online community so it is affirming to all ethnicities and celebrates difference. The disturbing acts of domestic terrorism in Charlottesville and the jaw-dropping response from our president has compelled us to speak out about the online community we are striving to create.

The world is experiencing an increase in hostility and violence towards LGBT communities, immigrants and people of color. Racism and hate groups have been on full display, explicitly defended by our president. We must be willing to stand up and speak out against discrimination and bigotry. Now more than ever it is critical that we create an online space where gay men can make meaningful connections regardless of ethnicity, gender expression, age or health status.

Hornet has refined its profile content policies to prohibit discriminatory language. Language such as “No Blacks” or “No Asians” is not allowed. We don’t tolerate such displays in our local communities, and we certainly won’t tolerate it in our online community. That is not who we are.

“Hornet is a community, and a community is strengthened by diversity. Queer men of color have struggled to find and create spaces where we can freely express ourselves — spaces that reflect our experience and where we can contribute to the cultivation of a community. As an HIV-positive Latino, such community spaces have always been critical to me, and I am excited that it’s something we continue to build at Hornet,” says Alex Garner, Hornet’s Senior Health Innovation Strategist.

Creating an online community is an ongoing process, and one that evolves and expands.

Our online community is fostered by a majority of men of color around the world. It reflects the perspectives and experiences of queer men from varied and diverse backgrounds, and the confluence of these elements strengthens our community.

Hornet’s Community Code is a commitment members make to themselves and others to foster a community that benefits everyone. We have enhanced that code to further reflect our vision for the world. A community is only a strong as its members, and we are confident that our community members share our vision for creating a space that affirms and celebrates the world’s immense diversity.

Hornet Community Code:

I will regard this space as a community. I acknowledge that I have the ability to make the community stronger, and I will strive to do just that by being authentic, open and respectful. I will create a space that is free of judgment, fear and stigma. I will be me and encourage others to be themselves. I will be sex-positive and celebrate the immense diversity of our global community.

Hornet’s Community Vision:

At Hornet we’ve created a community where we want you to be you. It’s a space that thrives on self-expression, and we want everyone in the community to be able to freely express themselves, regardless of ethnicity, age, gender identity, body type or HIV status. We strive to create a community that is strengthened by our diversity and is affirming to all of our wonderful differences. It all starts by treating each other with respect. We all have different perspectives and experiences, and that is one of the great benefits of an online community — the ability to meet people who are different from you. We encourage all members of our community to be open and authentic and take the opportunity to demonstrate to others what makes you exceptional. Let’s celebrate one another. We may not all be a perfect match for one other, but we are all part of the same larger community. We can let go of judgment and allow others to be who they are. Let’s create a sex-positive space where everyone is free to pursue a variety of things that bring them pleasure. Remember that this space is a community. A community that can lift up those of us who are less visible and empower people to fully express themselves. Be yourself and know yourself, and allow others the opportunity to know all the unique qualities you possess.


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