The Hornet Guide to Gay Las Vegas

The Hornet Guide to Gay Las Vegas

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Las Vegas, one of our all-time favorite gay destinations, is the perfect place for guys seeking nightlife and nonstop fun.

What do you do in a city that never sleeps?

Spend some serious money at the high-end boutiques found up and down the strip, or press your luck at one of the city’s luxe casinos. Indulge in the widest array of ethnic cuisines found anywhere in America. And when it comes to nightlife, party till dawn with your best gay friends, either bellied up to the bar at a divey spot or singing along to a drag number.

Best of all, that marketing slogan rings true: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Live Performances and Shows


There’s never a dull gay Las Vegas moment. If you’re looking for Broadway-quality entertainment, Zumanity at New York, New York Hotel is an easy decision. This seductive Cirque du Soleil production is part-cabaret, part-burlesque and tons of naughty fun. It’s also the queerest of Cirque’s offerings, which makes it a no-brainer. With provocative performances like “Chains” and ‘Two Men,” you’re for sure in for a night of fun.

If drag numbers are your cup of tea, Divas Starring Frank Marino is a Vegas mainstay. The 75-minute production stars the legendary Frank Marino and an all-star cast of drag perfection. You’ll see fabulous female impersonators lip-sync as your favorite stars, and with a lineup that includes Britney, Madonna, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, the hits don’t stop.

Freezone is another favorite local club for watching drag performances. It’s an intimate venue where the girls are fierce and flirty, and they always put on a great show. Freezone also hosts special events like its “Search for the Next Talent Star” competition where drag kings and queens get to compete for the ultimate title and crown.

The Bars of Gay Las Vegas

Piranha Bar

Be sure to check out Vegas’ infamous Fruit Loop to hang out with local guys and a ton of tourists in town to let loose. The city’s “it” spot is Piranha. The expansive bar — featuring two rooms with competing dance floors and an outdoor patio (though often that heat is killer) — regularly hosts special events, like a live show from RuPaul’s Drag Race alums. You can also see sexy go-go boys (and girls) every night of the week at Piranha, and they’re always eager to tease.

For a great local gay Las Vegas experience, check out the sports bar The Garage. Here you’ll meet and mingle with local guys in a casual environment. Plus this bar has one of the best beer busts in town, plus an extensive menu of bar food like chili cheese fries and chicken fingers.

There’s never a cover at Flex Cocktail & Lounge, and the nightly show is always free. Flex also hosts various themed nights — we’re particularly fond of the Bear Underwear night — to spice up the fun.

If you’re looking for the ultimate, no-pretension dive bar, Fun Hog Ranch is the place to hang. Locals and visitors mingle casually, sipping some of the cheapest cocktails in gay Las Vegas and singing along to the bar’s high-tech digital jukebox. (You can control it from your phone!)

Fans of Country/Western music will love Charlie’s, a spot in gay Las Vegas where you can meet hot cowboys in between free line dance lessons and country music. Located only a few minutes away from the strip, Charlie’s also features sexy go-go boys, drag queens and cheap drinks — all the things that make for a great night.


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