The Hornet Guide to Under-the-Radar Paris Museums

The Hornet Guide to Under-the-Radar Paris Museums

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Oh, Gay Paris. The City of Lights has been a the top gay destination for years, partly due to the many bars and high-energy clubs to check out — not to mention those sexy Parisians! But while everyone acknowledges Paris as an artistic and cultural hub of Europe — with over 130 museums! — how many times can you see amazing masterpieces at the Louvre?

Which brings us to this compiled list of unique Paris museums that might interest you when you’re done wondering what the Mona Lisa’s smiling about.

Musée Edith Piaf

Even if you don’t know this world-famous French chanteuse, you’ll likely recognize the melody of “La Vie en rose” or “Non, je ne Regrette Rien.” And even if you’re not a huge fan of Piaf, the Musée Edith Piaf is a must-see. It was converted from Piaf’s first apartment in the Ménilmontant district, from the start of her career. If you visit, you’ll get to see many of Piaf’s personal objects and her iconic black dresses in a super-intimate environment.

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