Just Announced: The Hornet Live Milestones Program Lets You Rack Up Rewards When You Livestream

Just Announced: The Hornet Live Milestones Program Lets You Rack Up Rewards When You Livestream

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Here at Hornet we’re super excited to announce the launch of the Hornet Live Milestones Program, a brand-new way for our in-app livestreamers to get rewarded for all the hard work they put into creating and sharing fun, live content.

So, what is the Hornet Live Milestones Program exactly? As you no doubt are aware, in late 2021 we launched Hornet Live, a way for our more than 35 million users to “go live” and connect with each other in real-time. It’s been so exciting to see how Hornet users are using this huge new feature, and we want to thank the many users who have made Hornet Live a success by implementing an exciting way for those livestreamers to rack up rewards!

The Hornet Live Milestones Program is a tiered program to reward these most loyal streamers. Think of it like an airline’s frequent flyer program, where the more you fly, the better your rewards. In this case, the more you stream, the better your rewards. (In addition to the income you can generate from your livestreams. Hornet currently has quite a few streamers who are making some serious money off their content!)

Under the Milestones Program, a Hornet user hits “Tier 1” after they have collected 100,000 diamonds from their fellow users. In addition to being able to ‘cash out’ those diamonds — money in the bank! — that Hornet user will also see their profile promoted in the “Trending” section of Hornet Live. (That’s a great way to ensure your livestream gets noticed by other users in your area.)

Tier 1 users will also get featured on Hornet’s own “Movers & Shakers” livestream, a show hosted by Hornet’s own José that highlights which streamers have really been hitting it out of the park. And, maybe best of all for those Hornet users who are really looking to make the most of live video, Tier 1 streamers will be offered a place in Hornet’s exclusive talent training program.

And that’s just the program’s first tier! Each of the Milestones Program’s five tiers come with progressively cooler rewards. (Upon reaching Tier 5, for instance, a streamer scores an invite to an overseas Top Streamer event, complete with a flight and three-night hotel stay. (We’re pretty sure rewards like that aren’t part of TikTok’s Creator Fund!)

Other fun rewards that are part of the new Milestones Program include free Hornet Premium, Hornet swag, exclusive events, a dedicated client relations contact and potentially your very own show that gets promoted and featured across Hornet’s social media channels! You’ll have to take a look at our Milestones Program explainer doc to get all the details.

You’ll find a full explainer of the Hornet Live Milestones Program here (click here for a PDF):

If you have any further questions about our Milestones Program don’t hesitate to reach out to our editors or our world-class team of support guys, gals and non-binary pals, all of whom are waiting to answer your questions and concerns. (And whom you’ll no doubt get to meet at some of those exclusive Top Streamer events!)

Welcome to the Hornet Live Milestones Program! Happy streaming!

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