Now on Hornet, You Can Share and Snap Photos in the Moment

Now on Hornet, You Can Share and Snap Photos in the Moment

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Happy Pride Month! In celebration, Hornet wants to let users visually share their pride — and whatever else makes up our daily lives and interests. For the first time ever in gay app history, we’ve added a new feature called Moments for our users to take a photo or share one from their existing photo gallery and post to their feed. The best part: no need to swap out your profile photo like you would elsewhere!

Profile photos are typically photos that give other Hornet members an idea of what you look like. Pretty standard for social apps. With Hornet’s new feature, Moments will now give your followers a photographic glimpse into activities you want to share, whether that be sports, friends, food, work, books or travel.

With Moments, Hornet becomes a safe digital space to share things in your life you may not feel comfortable sharing on more traditional social media channels. But you can share them with Hornet friends and followers from around the globe. The gay community isn’t called “family” for nothing!

So Hornet users, when you’re celebrating Pride this summer in your own way — be it at a #ResistMarch in NYC, flaunting your summer body in a new swimsuit by the beach, an intimate coffee with your beau in Paris or an adventure with friends in Thailand, now you can snap a picture on the fly and post it to your profile for the world to see.

For more information, sign on to the app or download Hornet today at


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