7 Benefits of Downloading Hornet Premium, Including More Guys and More Photos

7 Benefits of Downloading Hornet Premium, Including More Guys and More Photos

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It was only last week that Hornet — the world’s premier gay social network — announced its latest iteration, the much-anticipated Version 4.0. It was a move that made Hornet the most useful tool for gay guys worldwide, combining the ability to search through an endless grid of guys with places and events happening nearby and also world-class content spanning breaking news and pop culture. So, now you’ve got the app downloaded, but you want to maximize its potential. What do you do? You opt for Hornet Premium.

From unrestricted access to a pool of guys seeking connection to an advertisement-free experience, there are numerous benefits of using Hornet Premium. And best of all, you’re able to purchase a Hornet Premium subscription on your own terms: with a low, recurring monthly payment or an entire year at a time.

Here are 7 benefits of using Hornet Premium:

1. An endless grid of guys who want to connect

Hornet remains the best gay app on the market for connecting to, chatting with and meeting guys around the globe. And it all starts with our easy-to-navigate grid of guys (which also happens to feature the most user-friendly design of any gay app currently on the market).

The guys are what brought you here, right? Well, with Hornet Premium you’ll enjoy a never-ending grid of guys, sorted by their proximity to you. If you wanted you could scroll through sexy guys for hours and hours!


2. Premium filters allowing you to narrow your search

With Hornet Premium you’re able to narrow the grid of guys to only those who are online right this minute. Maybe you only want to see guys shorter than 6′, or guys who are single. Use filters like these to tailor your personal Hornet experience.


3. Show off your best you with unlimited photo uploads and views

The Hornet user can upload more than one photo of himself to his profile (as opposed to only a single photo on other apps). And Hornet is the only app that lets users take a photo or share a photo from your gallery and post it to your feed — without swapping out your profile photo! But only with Hornet Premium are you able to upload an infinite number of photos to your profile and view as many photos of other guys as you wish!


4. See which guys have checked you out

Maybe you’re the type of guy who feels more comfortable initiating a conversation when you think there’s already a spark of interest. Well with Hornet Premium you’re able to see which guys from around the world have viewed your profile. For many of our Hornet Premium users, this is one of their favorite features.


5. Check out an endless assortment of guys new to the app

Similar to being able to see guy who have viewed your profile, Hornet Premium users are able to see the app’s “fresh meat” — guys who have recently become part of the Hornet community!


6. Feeling shy? Be invisible

If you’re interested in perusing guys on the grid but would rather not show up yourself, with Hornet Premium you can “turn invisible.” You’ll no longer show up on the grid of guys, and your status will be shown as offline despite using the app. You won’t show up as having checked out other users, and you also won’t receive messages from guys you haven’t talked to before.


7. The Hornet Premium experience is ad-free

One of the best reasons to purchase Hornet Premium would have to be the removal of ads from the app! Upon purchasing a Hornet Premium subscription, you’ll no longer see advertisements on the grid of guys or in any other part of the app.


Download Hornet Premium today!


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