hornet sao paulo subway
hornet sao paulo subway

Hornet’s New Subway Campaign is About Gay Men’s Real Lives

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This month, the gay social network Hornet launched a new campaign at at São Paulo’s Consolação central subway station — which serves thousands of passengers daily.

Copywriter and advertising guru Marcio Rolim wrote about the campaign — and perfectly understood the intention behind the advertisements. Since we couldn’t say it any better, we share his words here:

Hornet put pictures of racially diverse guys sharing affection on the escalators of the station. When you go down the stairs, it’s impossible not to be impacted by these images. While they put the lie to the idea that Hornet is just a “hookup” app, these ads also have something important to say. They present a universal truth: Same-sex love, courage and friendship is obvious and important. It has been since the very beginning of the world.

Since the campaign started, I’ve watched people’s reactions when they see the images. Some look out of the corner of their eye as if they’re scared, some show indignation and others refuse to look at all. Of course, there’s nothing disturbing about the images — they’re just pictures of guys smiling, hugging in parks, having dinner, reading a book together. Things everyone does — but for some reason, things people think gay people don’t do. Or at least things they’re never depicted as doing in the media.

The imagery is amazing in its simplicity. The campaign represents relationships between people who may have met via an app like Hornet — for sex, or a long term relationship.

The world has changed, and so has how we meet people. For those who refuse to admit it: Close your eyes — because the rest of us will walk with our eyes and hearts wide open. The rest of us are for love and against queerphobia.

We’ve also included a gallery of the advertisements that will run at Consolação.

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