Hornet Trolls Republican Debate With Gay Hookup Billboard

Hornet Trolls Republican Debate With Gay Hookup Billboard

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Even if you planned on missing tonight’s Republican presidential debate (who could blame you? It’s their fourth one… snooze), we couldn’t let you miss this troll-tastic gay billboard mocking Donald Trump right outside of the debate venue.

Apparently, Hornet — the hook-up app that infamously teamed-up with Cazwell in his sexy Middle Eastern music video — put up a large billboard right across the street from the Milwaukee Theatre featuring a Trump-esque elephant (named “Trunk”) sexting with a horny, rainbow-colored unicorn — ohhhhhh my!

The unicorn — which we love, of course — asks the elephant, “Into?” And Trunk responds, “Open to debate.” On the right hand side is a text from Trunk reading, “I have so many fabulous friends!” — a truncation of Trump’s real-life quote opposing gay marriage: “I have so many fabulous friends who happen to be gay, but I am a traditionalist.”

A traditionalist? What could be more traditional than Republicans having gay sex during political events? It literally happens all the time at conservative conventions. No surprise, really: politics get the GOP riled up — all those gun laws and reproductive rights just get them SO HOTTTT — and everybody knows that all anti-gay Republicans secretly want dick. Maybe Trump and his “fabulous friends” have even made a few backroom business deals — after all, effective politicians need to consider multiple positions.

But keeping in mind that the Republican party is still largely against gay marriage and LGBT rights, we love that GOP candidates and their fans will be seeing this billboard when they exit tonight’s debate. The cartoon ad skewers all pretensions of Republican moral superiority showing that in the end, Republicans are just as gay and horny as the average unicorn — they like a little junk in their trunk, whether they admit it online or not.

Here’s a clearer image of the ad for your viewing pleasure…

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