This Week’s #HornetGuy, Engin, Is a Travel Fanatic Obsessed With Exploring Other Cultures

This Week’s #HornetGuy, Engin, Is a Travel Fanatic Obsessed With Exploring Other Cultures

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This week’s #HornetGuy comes to you from Istanbul, Turkey. 24-year-old. Engin currently lives in the Turkey’s most populous city and its cultural center, but has previously called Lisbon and Moscow home. A student, Engin is studying Visual Communication Design and Art Management at university, and he’s working on a documentary film about traveling the world by exploring and living with the locals.

Engin’s work is his passion, as his Hornet name @traveler_guy suggests. “Traveling is a must for me,” he tells us. “I can’t stop traveling, because it refreshes me. I am also addicted to design since it is my field.”

With traveling so much of an obsession for Engin, it’s no wonder he spends his free time perfecting the languages he already knows. How many, you may ask? Engin knows five: Russian, Turkish, Kurdish, English and Portuguese. But he’s not stopping there. This #HornetGuy also loves learning new languages and is currently spending his free time teaching himself Japanese!

You may be surprised to find out that Engin has 17 siblings! And of his 11 brothers and six sisters, he’s actually the youngest. A person who loves to find the good in other people, Engin is a new user on Hornet. He’s searching for a guy who loves to travel like he does, and who has a sense of freedom. He’s only been on Hornet for a few months, but he’s super excited about continuing to meet great people on the app.

When we asked him about his ideal weekend, Elgin tells us, “A break from the city, maybe traveling abroad. Or a cup of caramel ice cream between my legs, watching a horror movie.”

Using hashtags, something users on Hornet are able to do to describe themselves, Engin says he uses #Student, #Photographer and #Traveler on his profile. #Student because “people are tired of me asking hard questions, and I am always willing to learn and read.” #Photography because “I can’t live without my camera, it is a pleasure for me.” He saves #Traveler for last, but tells us he uses this because this is how all of his friends and family define him.

One of the things a budding photographer like Engin loves about Hornet is that he’s able to upload different types of photos to his profile to share with other users. Unlike other apps, Hornet lets users upload multiple photos to their profiles, allowing them to share an authentic view of their entire life, not just their torso.

Spark a conversation and connect with Engin by following him on Hornet: @traveler_guy

You, too, can be a #HornetGuy. All you have to do is sign up here.

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