Paris: The City of Love, Light and Sexy #HornetGuys!

Paris: The City of Love, Light and Sexy #HornetGuys!

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Ah, Paris — the city of love. And you’ll find a lot to love with our look at the Hornet Guys from the French city of light.


Kenny is from Paris and he is a cool, natural and chill guy who enjoys the simple things in life! He’s looking to spend some nice time with some cool and interesting people from Hornet!

Our #HornetGuy has some creative tattoos on his smooth sexy skin and he also likes piercings! Get to know him a bit better on Hornet, you can find him here: Hornet Username: f7dfz


We want you to fall for Alexandre our extremely sexy winner! This french guy lives in Paris and he is going to make you melt — not just with his body, but also with his brain: He is an emergency doctor!

Alexandre loves music and partying in clubs. But he also likes to hang out with his friends and meet people from all over the world! Get an appointment with this sexy doctor and find him on Hornet: or find him with his username: 1qens #HornetGuy

Kevin Morgan@kmpxy

Kevin Morgan is a sexy, fun and high-spirited photographer! He is from the beautiful city of Paris and he is the winner of our coveted #HornetGuy title. Kevin is very visual and loves seeing everything from different perspectives. His motto is ‘I am Me’ which means he is very honest and true to himself and others.

He loves meeting new people and making new friends. Kevin is currently looking for a boyfriend — someone to share moments with. Go say hi to him on Hornet: or look for his profile with his username: kmpxy. We know you’ll have a great time.


This week is our French week and we have another sexy #HornetGuy just for you! Valentin is a 25-year-old from Paris. He’s very stylish and a talented makeup artist!

Are you into tattoos? If so, Valentin is your guy; he has some very interesting designs on his fine body! Get to know him — go hit him up on Hornet: Username: 2hh8m


Meet Antonin, a sweet young man from Paris and our #HornetGuy of the day! This 21-year-old boy is fluent in French, Italian and English so don’t be afraid and get in touch with him on Hornet and start the conversation:

He is always willing to meet new people, he considers himself a very vibrant and dynamic guy who enjoys life and always has fun. Antonin loves to be with his friends, and discover new places. He also gave us a warning: He is a shower-singer and has an addiction to nutella! Username: bgtanto95

Franck Flamme@aasu0

Frank Flamme is one sexy and very interesting man! Our #HornetGuy of the day is 29 years old, and is a hairdresser at the multiple award-winning hairdresser salon “Toni & Guy.” So you know he’s into fashion and knows a lot about hair.

He has a very nice urban look and a very manly beard. A french man with a big love for tattoos (he has lots of them on his entire hairy body!). He enjoys being with his friends and likes taking cool pictures of landscapes and new places. Go meet him on Hornet or look for his username on the app: aasu0

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